It’s the Same…Only Different – Part I

With the upcoming SBS 2003 R2 launch, we want to pilot a new approach for delivering product information and real-time issues to SBSers.  To that end, we’re renaming this blog to “The Official SBS Blog”.  We’re doing this to make this site more inclusive of both the SBS Product Group in addtion to the Support Team.  Look forward to seeing more content from the Dev folks in addition to the podcasts, technical notes, notices, and other good stuff that we’ve been doing and will continue to do.  This will allow us to provide “one stop shopping” for breaking SBS news coming from the Microsoft SBS teams.

To quote the great SBS Diva, “we’re little, small, indestructible… and we’re EVERYWHERE”.  We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here, in fact the SBS newsgroup & MVP programs have a reputation of being the best programs across all of the product teams at Microsoft!

Our intention is simple – to put a face on our team to the community and proactively provide real-time product information through better information management like blogs/RSS feeds.

As our Social Networking guru, Bob Rebholz states on, “Enlightened self-interest. This will make you happier. If you’re happier, and you’re a Microsoft customer, we get better review scores. If you’re happier, and you’re not a Microsoft customer – well, that’s nice too.”

Also, check out SBS Diva “Be careful what you ask for – Part 1 & 2”,

Look for new things to come, and let us hear from you about how we’re doing!