HTTP 503 Due to Registry Permissions

Thanks to Stephanie Doakes for this tip:   I came across an issue that was well worth documenting and sharing.   Some of the symptoms that you may see for this issue include: OWA returns the following error   HTTP 1.1 503 Service Unavailable   Also, you can get the following. Active Server Pages error ‘ASP… Read more

Are You Seeing Event 14079 Logged Every Hour?

On some SBS servers, we’ve seen this event logged every hour.  Typically this occurs around 47 minutes after the hour: Event ID: 14079 Source: Microsoft ISA Server Control Description: Due to an unexpected error, the service fwsrv stopped responding to all requests. Stop the service or the corresponding process if it does not respond, and… Read more

We Invade Vlad’s SBS Show

Peter Gallagher and I had the pleasure last weekend of being guests on Vlad Mazek’s SBS Show podcast.  We had a lot of fun and covered a wide-sweeping set of topics involving Microsoft Customer Support, troubleshooting, partner programs, a rundown on SBS issues and how we approach them, and a whole lot more.  Set your… Read more

OWA Admin Tool

Michelle Dixon of Microsoft SBS Support writes about a great Exchange 2003 resource: OWA Admin Tool In the past, if you needed to customize features in OWA, such as hiding Calendar or Journal, you had to edit the registry and add some not-very-intuitive values. Now we have a GUI-based tool, the OWA Administration Tool. The… Read more

64 Bit Only Windows Server™ “Longhorn” Small Business Server

The official announcement has come out that the next versions of Exchange and SBS will be 64-bit only.  I’m really excited about this – most of the new server hardware deployed today is 64-bit (and virtually all of the OEM offerings are), so there will be a good number of customers ready to take advantage… Read more

Disaster Recovery Chat – SBS Show #4

If you haven’t already downloaded the show, now is the time.  This is Vlad Mazek and Chris Rue’s weekly podcast covering SBS.  The pacing is good, the guests knowledgeable, and the content is great.  Highly recommended.   You can download it here: {MP3}   Syndicate here:       Oh, and how do I listen to a… Read more

The Complete (?) List of SBS Log Files

This topic comes up periodically – where are all of the SBS installation and debug logs?  This is the list that support has compiled internally.  There may be a few exclusions (and please, let me know if you know of any), but I believe that this is fairly complete at this point: SBS Log File… Read more

Inside SBS Episode #8 is Here!

Direct download is here – {MP3}   We had a lot of fun recording this week’s episode.  We talk a lot about best practices for upgrading existing domains to SBS and also delve in to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Transition Pack.  When people call us about these issues, these tend… Read more

Lunch with the SBS Support Guys – Inside SBS #8 Tomorrow

This is your invitation to join us for the recording of Episde #8 of Inside SBS.  This week, we’ll be talking about migration, “super-sizing”, and the Transition Pack.  If you’ve ever wondered about the best, time-tested ways to go from an existing domain to SBS and vice-versa you won’t want to miss this show. The show starts… Read more

IT Heroes Podcast

For those of you interested in SQL Server 2005 (Express Edition will be a core component of SBS 2003 R2), there is a great podcast available at Michael J. Murphy’s blog.  It’s a short (20 minute) interview with Bill Zack discussing SQL 2005, extended stored procedures, database mirroring and other enhancements. I’m really excited about this… Read more