Inside SBS Episode #6 – Mobility, Repartitioning, and more

Click here for direct download. Damian joins the podcast (that’s Spanish for “yes”) RM 3.0 Beta is out (link) MOM on SBS? Audiovox SMT5600 with Activesync, mobility, certs, and everything Weekly cricketcast Susan Bradley asks about repartitioning domain controllers ISA 14709’s due to disk performance issues SharePoint alerts not working When you’re done here, check… Read more

Localized Content Now Available

Great work from the SBS UA team!  If you find it easier to digest the information in these docs in your native language, here they are:   ·       Release Notes for Windows Small Business Server SP1 ·       Installation Instructions for Service Pack 1 for Windows Small Business Server 2003 (this is the CD only, the… Read more

Podcast Friday

Coming to you straight from the heart of Texas, Inside SBS is recording live this Friday. This will be our sixth week, and we’re just getting started!  The audio equipment is finally all in place, the soundboard’s tweaked, and the mic’s are ready.  Please join us for a discussion on all things SBS. The show starts… Read more

Inside SBS Episode #5 – Exchange 2003 SP2 and Beyond

In this week’s episode:   Exchange SP2, new registry keys for 75 GB Limit MS05-051 issues with security changes –  Transition Pack licensing, CALs, media, best practices Office SP2 Revision Coming Shadow Copy Backup failing due to SQL Writer Our First Caller!  Vlad shares his experience with shadow copy. Exchange SP2 and mobile clients… Read more

Access Code for Inside SBS Episode #5

We’ll be recording episode #5 tomorrow at 11:00 AM CST.  This week’s main topic will be Exchange SP2. Phone number for the live call-in portion of the podcast: (866) 500-6738 Use participant code: 9451910  (changes weekly)   You can also reply to this thread, send email to sbspod at, or leave voicemail at 206-984-0184.  … Read more

Got Spam? Exchange SP2 and the IMF

One potential issue to be aware of with Exchange 2003 SP2 is that you will have to reconfigure your IMF settings if you already have that component installed.  If version 1 of the IMF is installed prior to running SP2 setup, you may receive an error message during the install that tells you that you have to… Read more

Inside SBS Episode #4 Is Here

In this episode:   Fake XP SP3 Multiport Fax Cards and Fax Best Practices RWW with TLS SBS and Domain Rename SBA on SBS? VOIP and SBS MS05-51 and the IWAM acccount (%windir%registration is the folder we’re thinking about) – Crickets James talks about Exchange Store corruption GroupWise Migrations – you really, really want… Read more

HTTP 500’s? Problems with Windows Update?

If you installed the latest security patches manually or via WSUS, this included MS05-051.  On systems where the default security on %windir%subscriptions has been modified, you may experience the following symptoms (from the KB article): The Windows Installer service may not start. The Windows Firewall Service may not start.  The Network Connections folder is empty…. Read more

Live Podcast This Friday

Wow!  We’ve added about 100 new subscribers this week.  Thanks for your comments and feedback, keep them coming! A couple of people have asked me about our setup and how to participate in the call.  Our main recording device until now has been a call in to LiveMeeting session (mainly for ease in recording).  Of… Read more

Vlad Does an Excellent Review

So, I’m getting together a list of links and errata for the podcast, and what should pop up in my aggregator but a review by Vlad Mazek.  Vlad’s done an excellent job of putting together a list of relevant links, so I’m not going to duplicate effort here.   One minor correction – I incorrectly state… Read more