Inside SBS Episode #13 – Spam Prevention on SBS 2003

In this week’s episode, Mark Stanfill and Peter Gallagher break down the complexities of spam filtering on SBS 2003.  Please join us for an in-depth technical discussion of Exchange 2003 SP2 and Outlook 2003.  Peter shares his experience working with the Microsoft corporate servers and how the principles apply to even the smallest SBS deployment. Topics… Read more

Interesting PocketPC Issue

Pop quiz.  You receive the message below.  Where do you look first?   99% of Exchange admins will go in to Active Directory Users and Computers (ADU&C) and look at the user properties to make sure that they have rights to use ActiveSync.  Many people will go in to the Exchange System Manager and verify… Read more

Review: Susan Bradley on Patch Management

I just finished listening to SBS Show episode #8.  It was published 4 days ago.  I’m just now getting to it, and that’s okay.  Podcasts are about time-shifting, or listening when it is convenient for you.  I’ve heard comments like “I don’t have an hour to dedicate to listening to an in-depth technical podcast every… Read more

Invitation to Join the Podcast Gang Next Monday – Spam and Exchange 2003 SP2

Ah, the holiday season…Due to a number of unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances, we’re going to have to wait until Monday to record episode #13 of Inside SBS – Spam and Exchange 2003 SP2.  This will be the last show for the year. We’ll be discussing Exchange 2003 SP2 and its new anti-spam and anti-phishing technologies.  This is… Read more

"WARNING(virus check bypassed):" Prepended to Message Subjects

Are you seeing messages come through like this? From: SBS [] Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 8:00 AMTo: user@fabrikam.comSubject: WARNING(virus check bypassed): Server Performance Report – SBS We’ve seen a few of these now – the culprit is most likely your ISP’s mail server if you are using them as a relay server (aka the… Read more

Ever wonder what you can’t do with ISA?

No, really.  The ISA team has a document out that details the most common misconfigurations for ISA Server 2004: This is a nice complement to this week’s ISA podcast.  For instance, did you know: ISA Server Does Not Support Multiple External Interfaces ISA Server Does Not Support a Network-Behind-Network Configuration NLB Is Not Supported… Read more

New Information About SBS 2003 R2   Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Published: December 6, 2005 Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 (SBS 2003 R2) is an update release to the award-winning SBS 2003 product, providing new features to address the growing needs of small businesses. Scheduled to release-to-manufacturing in the second quarter of 2006, SBS 2003 R2 will… Read more

Inside SBS Episode #12 – The ISA Server Meltdown

Now available for download, Inside SBS Episode #12.  Please join Justin Crosby and the rest of the Inside SBS gang as we delve in to the depths of running ISA Server 2004 on Small Business Server.   Direct download: {MP3} Syndicated feed:       In this episode:   Connection Limits Lockdown mode MTU, PMTU and Black Hole… Read more

Everybody Hates Fax

…It’s old technology.  When it breaks, it’s hard to troubleshoot (hint – it’s the hardware).  When it works perfectly, nobody thanks you.  If it’s not set up correctly, the entire office will let you know.  That’s why you need this guide:Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring and Using Fax on Windows Small Business Server 2003<?xml:namespace prefix = o… Read more

Invitation to Join the Podcast Gang This Friday – ISA Best Practices

Please join the Inside SBS crew this Friday, December 9th for a roundtable discussion of ISA 2004 best practices from the field.  Leading the discussion this week will be our resident subject matter expert, Justin Crosby. The show starts live at 11:00 AM CST. Phone number for the live call-in portion of the podcast: (866) 500-6738 Use… Read more