Enhanced Event Viewer

Windows provides a nice tool for viewing event logs of our machine. This tool called as Event Viewer is having lot of features to browse through our event logs. Even though, it is a very useful tool to browse our event log, but it does not provide certain features like searching and auto-show up of new events etc. So, I thought of doing an application that makes our event log browsing faster and much easier. I will explain the features provided by it. 

Features provided by this Viewer: 

  •   Easy to navigate among the Logs.
  •  Easy to filter events.
  • Easy to do Search.
  • Click away to access it.
  • Connect to remote machine's Event Log.
  • Listener to show new event entry automatically.
  • Better User Experience and lot more.
The application looks like below:


Comments (2)
  1. Gabriel Rodino says:

    The performance is poor, could be improved if the list is hidden until it has completed its load

  2. hernaldo says:

    thanks, is a good tool. The performance is a little low but is a good tool man!

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