My tryst with Interns @ Microsoft. Tips you want to know to succeed

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When I heard that we have 3 interns in our Mumbai office I grabbed the opportunity to have a quick chat with them and congratulate them for making a very good decision on interning with Microsoft. I remember the first time I saw them, they were in the breakout area taking a short break and playing carom. I was in a hurry so couldn't stop and say hi but later after few weeks, we all became good friends and got to know each other better. Let me introduce them to you :

Shubham Chaudhary is a 3rd year student of Software Engineering from DTU (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering). He is this young, polite guy who loves reading biographies and watching Women Rugby!

Chirag Takker aka Chiru is a 3rd year, IT student from NSIT. Chiru is full of positivity, he loves to travel, exploring new places, talking to random people, reading tech blogs and playing sports! : P

Gunjan Arora is also from NSIT, 3rd year, IT student, she loves listening to music and cannot live without Food, Family and Friends! πŸ™‚

During one of our general conversations I realized, these guys are learning so much, figuring out their ways in Microsoft system and culture, working on real time market scenarios, shadowing their mentors for customer meetings, making presentations, ( having coffee :P) .. That gave me an idea to write this blog post and share their learnings with you! Here goes it! - The 5 things you should be doing when you are interning with Microsoft! (Content courtesy: 3 the awesome interns!)


Number 1: Talk to as many people as you can: AKA follow up with people as many times as needed without shying away and AKA network and learn tit-bits about work, company, and culture from as many people as you can find. A simple HELLO doesn't hurt anybody, right? People at Microsoft are very-very helpful, all you need to do is ask! Use all the mediums of communication you can get your hands on , for examples email, Lync IM, Phone call, texting, whatsapp-ing and keep showing your face to the person you are targeting to seek help from, before you know it they will be there giving your their full attention and helping you out in whichever way possible! In my opinion, Microsoft is a humongous library and all its employees are books. You will find all types of books on different subjects, different titles, different expertise, different covers and different wisdom. You can walk up to any room, any shelf and pick out any book, read through the content and walk out a more learned person! As an intern you must tap into this huge reservoir of education and learn as much as you can, as fast as you can!

Number 2: Organize your time well: You have as many numbers of hours as the Satya Nadella. Manage your time well and get the best out of your working hours. More than time, manage your thoughts well. Give yourself some time every morning and try to imagine how your full day is going to look like. Try to think about what you will be getting done hour-by-hour. Don't be too tight on yourself when you are imagining your day, a silhouette is perfectly fine too. Of course keep buffer time for breaks, un-predicted calls and a general buffer to make sure you are able to accommodate a task that takes a little longer to finish than you had anticipated. “Time and tide waits for none”, remember? So use it well!J

Number 3: Take your coffee breaks seriously: If you are working with Microsoft Sales and Marketing, you will take coffee breaks. Lots of coffee breaks. Sometimes it will be because you want a time out from what you are doing, sometimes because you want to catch up with your mentor/colleagues or sometime maybe because you are having a slow day (ha-ha!! seldom!). Point is manage you work with fun! It is important that you relax in office from time to time because that clears your head and increases your productivity! If you are a tea lover, you are in the rights place for the break-out area contains an assortment of tea-bags lined up to refresh your senses! (My favorite is Green tea, My awesome team mate Gandhali’ s favorite tea is lemon tea!). Use this time judiciously by not hesitating from introducing yourself to the office people in breakout areas, taking their opinions on your work, asking them questions to know more about Microsoft and where it is heading or by simply hearing their conversations! As an intern this will be a good opportunity for you to meet new people and hear stories about different segment than the one you were hired to work with!

Number 4: It’s ok to make mistakes. So cruise ahead : Learning won’t happen if you are not fearless to dive deep into the subject, understand the fundamentals and experiment with them by yourself. In the process of doing so you may make mistakes, when you try to ask questions, you may ask not-so-right questions but it should not stop you from doing your work. Don’t fear about making mistakes its ok to make them in the process of learning. In Microsoft mistakes and questions are appreciated and helped with and that, my friend, is the greatest of all take-away from your internship. For example if you are working on a market research assignment where you are going to be researching the device preference and trends across all employees in an organization by interviewing the top-notches, practice your questionnaire with whoever you can find in the office. I guarantee you that each person will give you ideas to improve your research. Leverage that! πŸ™‚

Number 5: Be fearless and create your own experience: Don't ever forget that you are one of the lucky ones who has received an opportunity to experience the working of a great company in the world and spend months amidst highly talented people. Please do not ruin this by self -doubting or getting too self-critical or running after perfection or not opening up to people. You have got to be fearless about who you are and accomplish what you have come here to accomplish (as long as you are not breaking any law). Lead your internship by engaging with your tasks and assignments in proactive manner. Build relationships that lasts. Be genuine, work hard and create magic for yourself. We want you to be successful in your internship as much as you do! πŸ™‚


Thanks for taking out time to read this blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you have any do's and don’ts one should be aware of while interning at any company please feel free to share it with me and others through the comment box below! πŸ™‚ 


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  1. Thanks James!! πŸ™‚

  2. Sure Prachi, let me know if you want me to blog about specific topics.

  3. Deep Dutta (MSP Tech) says:

    Microsoft is that company which I envy,feel,respect,strive to work in,enjoy working in. I enjoy coding,developing new apps and games.I would like to make my future too in Microsoft like these interns you talked about.
    As an MSP in Microsoft,when I interact with enthusiastic and energetic developers in Microsoft,I feel excited and feel like I all life code and develop new technologies in such a great company like Microsoft.I feel very happy when I build an App and upload
    it to Windows Store.With each App I feel to give more and better effort for developing new and exciting Apps and technologies.

    I love to be in Microsoft Campus.When I enter the campus energy to develop comes by default.Here I have the best coffee ever during break time :p πŸ˜‰ As a whole this blog says a lot about MicroStudDevtechnosoft..:p πŸ˜‰

  4. james says:

    Awesome and interesting article. Having worked for Microsoft for some exactly a year now, I think the advice here if spot on

  5. Prachi Jain says:

    Interesting article. Its all about Microsoft after all. Inspiring and working tips. Thank you for that πŸ™‚

  6. Vishnu VG says:

    Informative tips

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