The Attractive Azure!

Right now, I am going to tell you a story about the Attractive Azure -Windows Azure. It is very simple to know about Azure completely. What we will do is, understand the components of Azure and then mix and match the components to assemble something that best fits our (our application’s) need. More like picking up pieces of clothing/accessories from Macy’s and putting together a look for a specific occasion.

Before we start about Azure, lets give a take glance to Cloud Computing, shall we?

So, the concept is, lets say we want to drink milk. Would we search a Cow, buy a cow, take care of the cow, milk the cow and have the milk – or – would we go to a super mart downstairs and buy a carton of Milk and have it? If you are writing an application would you go and buy the hardware, software, their licensing, maintain them, upgrade them, cool them, take care of them –OR- would you be happy if someone else took care of all this hardware, software, networking and you could focus on writing your application? This is exactly what cloud computing enables you to do – enables you to focus on your application while someone else worries about all the underlying capabilities that your application needs. The service models  of cloud computing are IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. The deployment models of cloud computing are Public, Private and Hybrid.

Windows Azure is a Cloud Computing Platform.

When people say this– here’s what they mean – that Azure address to all the attributes of Cloud Computing viz. elasticity, scalability, virtualization, pay-as-you-go, utility-computing in all its offering.

This Diagram below shows all the components of Windows Azure categorized appropriately.

First up, Computing: Azure provides four means for executing your application viz. Cloud Services, Websites, Virtual machines and Mobile Services.




More in Detail in my next post! Oh and HAPPIIEE NEW YEAR! 🙂 Hope this year brings you much more Happiness, Prosperity and Technical Expertise! 🙂

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