Awareness update: Exchange 2010 SP3 RU8 – RU8 V2 is out !


Exchange 2010 SP3 RollUp 8 Version 2 (V2) is now released ! Link below. 


Update on 12th December from the Exchange Team Blog:

Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8 has been re-released to the Microsoft download center resolving a regression discovered in the initial release. The update RU8 package corrects the issue which impacted users connecting to Exchange from Outlook. The issue was insulated to the MAPI RPC layer and was able to be isolated to quickly deliver the updated RU8 package. The updated RU8 package is version number 14.03.0224.002 if you need to confirm you have the updated package. The updates for Exchange Server 2013 and 2007 were not impacted by this regression and have not been updated.



Update Rollup 8 v2 For Exchange 2010 SP3 (KB2986475)


This update still include the security patch for Exchange MS14-075 (


Other fixes included on this RollUp (also listed on the SP3 RU8’s page):


  • 3004235

    ( )

    Exchange Server meetings in Russian time zones as well as names of time zones are incorrect after October 26, 2014

  • 3009132

    ( )

    Hybrid mailbox moves to on-premises environment but finishes with CompletedWithWarnings status

  • 3008999

    ( )

    IRM restrictions are applied to incorrectly formatted .docx, .pptx, or .xlsx files in an Exchange Server 2010 environment

  • 3008370

    ( )

    Group members are not sorted by display name when HAB is used with OAB in Exchange Server 2010

  • 3008308

    ( )

    Public folder database migration issue in a mixed Exchange Server environment

  • 3007794

    ( )

    Hub Transport server cannot deliver messages when a database fails over to a cross-site DAG in Exchange Server 2010

  • 3004521

    ( )

    An Exchange server loses its connection to domain controllers if a public folder server is down in Exchange Server 2010

  • 2999016

    ( )

    Unreadable characters when you import ANSI .pst files of Russian language by using the New-MailboxImportRequest cmdlet

  • 2995148

    ( )

    Changing distribution group takes a long time in an Exchange Server 2010 environment

  • 2992692

    ( )

    Retention policy is not applied to Information Rights Management protected voice mail messages in Exchange Server 2010

  • 2987982

    ( )

    Issues caused by ANSI mode in Exchange Server 2010

  • 2987104

    ( )

    Email message is sent by using the "Send As" instead of "Send on Behalf" permission in Exchange Server 2010

  • 2982017

    ( )

    Incorrect voice mail message duration in Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2010

  • 2977279

    ( )

    You cannot disable journaling for protected voice mail in Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2010




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