Generating Perfmon consoles with a bit of Excel, a bit of Powershell, a bit of VBS and a bit of HTML code




In this article, I’ll provide a quick reference guide and an Excel-based tool that allows you to build monitoring consoles using HTML without being a scripting star.  I call it the Document-Tool-Walkthrough (DTW).

This is a new concept document/tool built using Excel that can help you to build System Monitor consoles that are centrally stored to monitor your servers.  You can build as many consoles as you want using this tool, with each console being responsible for monitoring a specific area of your IT infrastructure (e.g. one for Exchange databases, another for disk latencies, another for core resources of DC servers, etc.), You can store these in a central place where administrators will be able to open them and monitor (or troubleshoot) their servers.  People using this tool won’t need any knowledge about scripting (or at least very little) as the code is generated automatically through the Excel tabs.

Please note this tool is provided as is, but feedback and input is appreciated.


The remainder of my article is there:

How To Build A Simple and Efficient Windows Monitoring Solution (DTW)


The Excel spreadsheet/tool is there:

Version Excel 2003 (may not work as good as Excel 2007-2013 version above):

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