Exchange 2013 Mailflow – complement to Richard Schwendiman’s schema : Get-ReceiveConnector and GUI correspondings – showing Exchange 2013 Receive Connectors and their default configuration values…




Just taking Richard Schwendiman’s awesome Mail Flow schema and put the corresponding Receive Connectors as we “see” them from either Exchange Management Shell (in the Green Boxes, results of Get-ReceiveConnector for Get-ReceiveConnector -Server e2013 | fl name,bindings,transportrole,permissiongroups,authmechanism) or Exchange management console (focusing on the “Security” section of the EMC)



In your servers, for the connectors names in both EMS and EMC, you’ll see “Default <YourServerName>”, “Client FrontEnd <YourServerName>”, etc… instead of “Default E2013” , “Client FrontEnd E2013”, etc….



Exchange 2013 - Mail flow demystified - Get-ReceiveConnectors   EMC shots


Full-resolution picture:



  • An Exchange 2013 Lab with default installation

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