How-To procedure – Exchange 2010 SP1+ – repair a corrupted mailbox without dismounting a database



Remeber ISINGEG ? The Exchange tool to repair logical corruptions in databases ? Now this tool is over, replaced by a commandlet in Exchange 2010+ which does not need to dismount databases !


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  1. laailabrown says:

    thanks for informing about this concept, however in other circumstances where edb file with all mailboxes is highly corrupted (beyond the limit of normal repair) then an alternative edb repair process will be helpful (such as: ). It repairs edb mailbox corruption & stores repaired edb mailbox in pst format.

  2. Sean Werner says:

    A tool that helped us in recovery of completely failed Exchagne 2010 Server, is here:

    One of the best aspects of this software that I liked that we directly mount the repaired database to production server without any issue.

    Good Luck !

    Sean Werner

  3. alex says:

    Thanks for sharing helpful post related to repair a corrupted mailbox without dismounting a database. I found good information about how to recover deleted mailbox from here It provides a good procedure for repairing deleted mailbox.

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