UNSUPPORTED and DRAFT post – but just to play in a Lab for fun–Installing Exchange system Manager 2003 and Exmerge on a Windows 7 computer to export Exchange 2007 mailbox data to PST files


Installing ExMerge:

ExMerge download link :



Installing ESM 2003 on a Windows 7 64 bits machine:

- First download the ESM for Vista :


- Second, extract the MSI (launch the .exe) somewhere

- Third, run ESMVISTA.MSI /passive

Of course an ESM 2003 on a Windows 7 is not supported, but that only means “not tested”, that actually works… now we have to test using ExMerge with this from a Windows 7 64 bits.

Well it’s just for one export right? Then we just have to make it work. But you won’t get any help if it doesn’t work or if it crashes !


Note: For a more long-term SUPPORTED solution, we’ll have to install Exchange 2007 management tools on a 32 bits machine.

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