Bookmark – SMTP NDR CODEs (Technet)

4.3.1 Out-of-memory or out-of-disk space condition on the Exchange server. Potentially also means out-of-file handles on IIS. 4.3.2 Message deleted from a queue by the administrator via the Queue Viewer interface in Exchange System Manager. 4.4.1 Host not responding. Check network connectivity. If problem persists, an NDR will be issued. 4.4.2 Connection dropped. Possible temporary…


How to take Exchange traces and dumps for Microsoft Engineers – Example for STORE and MSExchange Transport components

Prerequisites We’ll use the ExTra.exe (Exchange 2007/2010 only, not available anymore on Exchange 2013) and ProcDump Tools to take traces that will capture the issue. To take memory dump of Store.exe and EdgeTransport.exe for deep code level analysis. Download ProcDump: The instructions Scenario Mails get stuck in some servers, not always the same, but the…


Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 on Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 – Check TCP Chimney Windows settings and status

Hey, If you ever encounter some messages that takes time to be delivered from HUB servers to Mailbox servers (we call this step “Mapi Submission” or “MAPI Delivery”) or even from HUB to another HUB in a remote site, and your network don’t have bandwidth or latency or general reliability or other configuration issues such…


Exchange Server 2010 SP1 and above – Error putting 2 servers at a time in maintenance mode using StartDagMaintenance.ps1 script

      The StartDagMaintenance.ps1 script pauses servers cluster node and blocks chosen servers and databases from being mounted. Here is what it does in the below example, for en environment that has 3 or more Servers with 3 or more database copies per database:   Here is the logic used by the script (big…


Exchange 2010/2013 – How to give permissions to users to manage Universal Security Distribution Lists (must use RBAC)

Users on Exchange 201x who try to update or create a Distribution List may get the following error message: “Changes to the public group membership cannot be saved. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object.”   Usually, it’s because they don’t have the permissions (reminder: RBAC only for Exchange…


Windows – 2003 to 2012 – Monitoring replication (without SCOM)

Choice of two useful Tools to monitor AD replication. First is Active Directory Replication Status Tool. Second is REPADMIN.     > Examples below are run in an AD Forest named “”, composed of 1 domain and 2 DCs (GC2K7 and E2010) with no errors.   Repadmin gives something similar to: PS C:\Users\Administrator> repadmin /showrepl…


Aide-Mémoire – Converting ExTra ETL trace to CSV

  Just a reminder for me (Extrace.exe is an internal tool used for deep debugging).   extrace.exe -c -v ExchangeDebugTraces.etl >TraceOut.csv   We have to use the Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.dll matching the Exchange build where the trace come from. To check your Exchange server build, checkout the following link:   Sam.


Exchange Server 2010 – If search fails after upgrading to SP3 (RU2 as well in this case)

  First, as my colleague Rhoderick wrote in a nice and easy-to-read “Troubleshooting Content Indexing” article, we can use the Troubleshoot-CI.ps1 script to try detect other potential issues such as deadlocks (threads blocked and search is waiting on these to continue to index), corruption (not likely here as the state is “Healthy” for the indexes),…