Notes for myself–PFE Engagement status reporting framework


I- Onsite Organization Plan

(Pull data from MS Project or Excel)

Project Project Title


Task description
1 Environment Assessment 1.1 ADTD run and analysis
    1.2 DAG configuration deep dive
    1.3 DAG configuration analysis and advices to fall into the best practices
2 Project number 2


Task number 1 of project number 2

    2.2 Task number 2 of project number 2
    2.3 Task number 3 of project number 3


II- What I did yesterday

II.1- In summary

(Using Excel or MS Project, take the Titles from part II.2 below, and summarize them)





II.2- in details

(Pull details from MS Project or Excel)

Time Title Details


III- What I’m going to do today

(Take points from part I- and give a brief description)

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