QuickRef–Powershell-Get Exchange services except IMAP4 and POP3

  get-service *Exchange* | ? {-not ($_.name -like “*IMAP4*”) -and -not ($_.name -like “*POP*”)}   Notes: “?” is the alias for “Where-Object” CommandType     Name                                                Definition ———–     —-                                                ———- Alias           ?                                                   Where-Object

Notes for myself–PFE Engagement status reporting framework

  I- Onsite Organization Plan (Pull data from MS Project or Excel) Project Project Title Tasks Task description 1 Environment Assessment 1.1 ADTD run and analysis     1.2 DAG configuration deep dive     1.3 DAG configuration analysis and advices to fall into the best practices 2 Project number 2 2.1 Task number 1…