Exchange 2003 to 2010–How to use the excellent ExPerfWiz from Mike Lagase


For Exchange 2003, the Perfwiz is an HTML configuration file, that can be taken from Mike’s blog article specific for Exchange 2003.

For Exchange 2007 and 2010, just download the script from the following link :

It will set up performance counters from you and automatically select the best performance counters based on the roles of you Exchange servers !

Examples from Mike’s blog :

Remotely configure performance data collection on HUBServer between 2 dates or 2 hours (3rd October 7:00AM and 3rd October 11:00AM) with a collection interval of 15 seconds
.\experfwiz.ps1 -server HUBServerName -interval 15 -begin 10/03/2012 07:00:00" -end "10/03/2012 11:00:00" -filepath D:\Logs

Set duration to 4 hours, change interval to collect data every 5 seconds and set Data location to d:\Logs
.\experfwiz.ps1 -duration 04:00:00 -interval 5 -filepath D:\Logs

Add threads to the collection set
.\experfwiz.ps1 –threads

Stop Data collection
.\experfwiz.ps1 –stop

Create collection for all counters/instances.
.\experfwiz.ps1 –full

Example on my own server :


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