Outlook 2007/2010 general recommendations


Cached Mode Clients

- Uncheck Download Shared Folders or Download Public Folder favorites

- Ensure that Client’s desktop search is only indexing offline files, not online services/mailbox

- Confirm that clients are using 1 copy of the OAB (not multiple) and/or are directly accessing the online GAL to a “closest” GC

Online Clients

- Do not allow desktop search to index the online mailbox

- Do not allow File-level antivirus to scan the mailbox

- Do not integrate desktop applications with the mailbox (ex: BES, Adobe, etc)

All Outlook Clients

- Be sure that clients are running tested and approved versions of Outlook.  Try to keep them current

- Disable unused Outlook add-ins

- Do not use the To-Do bar

- Disable Planner Options (for most resources)

- Do not store OST/PST files on a network share

- Use TCPView to randomly check that clients are connecting to the correct servers using the expected protocols (TCP vs HTTP)

- Request users to close other user’s folder connections when they are no longer needed.  Many people will share a folder/calendar and never release it from their client

- Turn off/disable unused or unpopular features (ex: journaling, RSS feeds, Sharepoint integration, Internet calendars, etc)

Comments (2)

  1. SammyKrosoft says:

    @Dave : you're totally right ! Fortunately we now have the Exchange 2010 Archiving function as an alternative … Cheers !

  2. Dave Stork says:

    I would add: Do not use PST files….

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