How-To – Find how many connections Outlook makes to your Exchange infrastructure using Netstat.exe

In this quick procedure we leverage TaskList.exe command (default Windows command line utility) to get a specific process name and ID, and the Netstat.exe command (also a default Windows command line utility) to quickly find the opened connections from a specific application.   Note: you can use other tools to get these, like the Windows…


Exchange 2013/2016/2019 & ExO – a sample Get-Mailbox GUI

Here is a GUI to get mailboxes information in an Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and/or Exchange Online (O365) environments. I initially created this GUI just to illustrate how we can use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) forms to ease up the execution of PowerShell commands. Download link is at the very end of this article….


Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019 Components Checker

Here’s the latest addition in Exchange 2013/2016/2019 server quick tools. Sometimes, for maintenance or issues detected by Exchange Managed Availability, some components like Client Access, Autodiscover, Mail flow, etc… can be down on Exchange servers, which “exclude” these servers from the pool of Exchange servers. Here’s a tool that helps you to check the state…


Dynamic Distribution Group creation tool (PowerShell command generator to create Distribution Groups)

I. Introduction See the Download section below for the link to download the tool. In Exchange 2010/2013/2016 and Exchange Online (the messaging component of Office 365), we can create Dynamic Distribution Groups in two ways : Using the Exchange Administration Console (HTML based) Using the Exchange Management Shell (Command line based) More information about the…


PowerShell command line generator for Exchange (2010,2013, 2016) Recovery Database creation and make it use existing database and log files

Description Download link at the very end of this article… This program is a Graphical User Interface that will help you generating Exchange Management Shell command lines to: Create a Recovery Database using temporary path for the database and its corresponding LOG files set Point that newly created Recovery Database to an existing database file…


Autodiscover test tool – (c) from Kip Ng

Hi all, I was looking for a tool or a script that would help me to test the Exchange Autodiscover process a bit like the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer would do, but standalone and more dedicated to Exchange or O365 (Exchange Online) Autodiscover process. And I found this very practical, simple to use, useful Autodiscover…


How To: Use a PowerBI template to analyze Event Logs exported as a CSV file

Prerequisites/Ingredients PowerBI Desktop – You can download it here The PowerBI Event Log analysis template – You can download it here – it is a .PBIT format, you’ll have to unzip it. Windows Powershell (from 2.0 – Windows 2008/2008R2 up to 5.2- Windows 2016) or Powershell 6 ( The Get-EventsFromEventLogs.ps1 PowerShell script – You can…


PowerShell scripts to Migrate Exchange Mailbox and Distribution Group Send As, Full Access and Send On Behalf Permissions into a CSV file–Part I : Export Script

Hi ! This post is to introduce a script to export Mailbox Send As, Full Access and Send On Behalf permissions, and also Distribution Group Send As and Send On Behalf permissions into a CSV file, to help you achieve the following objectives: You wish to audit the permissions globally set to your mailboxes across…


PowerShell–Script to export events to screen and/or to a CSV file from one or multiple machines

*** UPDATE *** Added a GUI wrapped around this script – you can check it out here … Type the following to see the latest examples: Get-Help .\Get-EventsFromEventLogs.ps1 –Examples Type the following to see the full help: Get-Help .\Get-EventsFromEventLogs.ps1 –Full   Hi all ! Today I’ll give you a script that exports the events of…