Exchange 2013/2016/O365 Exchange Online – eDiscovery independent Graphical User Interface

Hi all, today I’m giving you a tool that proved its usefulness along the past couple of years for customers of mine. It works on Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and on Exchange Online from Office 365 from where it was designed: an Exchange Search (eDiscovery) tool that generates and executes Search-Mailbox (“single mailbox search”) or…


Exchange 2013 / Exchange 2016–a quick note about Server FQDN aka NLB fqdn

  While planning or deploying Exchange 2013/2016, don’t forget these to have the correct Load Balancing on your Exchange 2013/2016 servers:   Assuming your Exchange 2013/2016 namespace is, which points to your Load Balancer’s IP address. Set Outlook Anywhere Internal and External URLs to   Use the following: Get-OutlookAnywhere | Set-OutlookAnywhere -InternalHostname…


Powershell Objects–How to export-csv information coming from different cmdlets and with potentially multi-valued attributes

Hi all,   Since I keep forgetting where this great post is located, I’m just putting a bookmark here. This article is discussing about the different ways to populate a PowerShell Custom Object. What can we use PowerShell Custom Object for ? Actually on Exchange for example (including Exchange Online), we sometimes need to have…


Skype for Business and Outlook : Presence information on Outlook – how to get it ? Answer is here (with “the Ugly, the Bad and the Good” illustration scenarios)

  Hi all !   Long time no see but I’m still around, doing some Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 (mostly Exchange Online but also a bit of Skype For Business – IM and presence only for now) stuff like migrations, knowledge transfer, etc… So a couple of months ago I was asked…


Exchange 2010, 2013, Office 365–Auto Mapping Feature: Audit Full Access Mailbox permissions on your environment before migrating

Hi all,       long time no see ! As these days, many companies are migrating their E-mail infrastructures either to Exchange 2013 or Office 365, we often see the behavior that after being migrated, some users’ profiles got automatically loaded with all mailboxes for which these users had full access permissions in Outlook….


Exchange client bandwidth consumptions – Watch out for false ideas about Outlook cached mode versus Outlook online mode regarding bandwidth !

Introduction When we talk about Outlook cached mode and Outlook online mode recommendations, there is a point we always miss, which is the Network bandwidth. Before discussing bandwidth, you guys know that we (Microsoft) recommend enabling Outlook cached mode at the first place, especially on these cloud days. Quoting: When to use Cached Exchange Mode…


News: Check out and download Exchange 2016 preview !

Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 preview here – Checkout the Exchange 2016 prerequisites here first. System requirements: Supported Operating System: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2 OS updates Updates: Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 .Net Framework: 4.5.2 Internet Explore 11, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari (Latest), Google Chrome (Latest), Mozilla Firefox (Latest)   Quote from…


Exchange Server 2013 – Planning for Public Folders mailboxes according to user logon limits

Since there are some limitations for Exchange 2013 Public Folders, we will focus this little note on the User Logons supported limit, which is 2,000. I briefly mentioned this 2,000 user logons limit on the article about Public Folder limits increase since Exchange 2013 CU8 on a previous blog post. In Exchange 2013, you should…