Lync 2013 resource forest deployment with manual sync – Part 3

User provisioning and Manual Sync Configuration

D) User Provisioning

Create a new user in fabrikam forest (User Forest) ;

Create a matching user in contoso forest (Resource Forest) and right click and disable the user.

Now contoso forest user has been disabled successfully;

Login to Lync control panel and click on enable users ;

Find the users from AD and select the disabled user from the list;

Specify primary sip domain for the disabled user as and enable the user. Following screenshot may help you;

Now disabled user has been provisioned for Lync 2013.

E) Manual attribute Sync

Login to fabrikam domain control and open active directory users and computers. Select the new user created earlier and click on attribute editor. ( You may need to enable advanced feature in the ADUC snap in view to see attribute editor tab). Find objectSID attribute;

Click on ObjectSid , copy the value in a notepad as highlighted below;

Login to contoso forest and open ADUC. Select disabled user and open user properties page and select attribute editor. Find msRTCSIP-Originatorsid attribute ;

Click on msRTCSIP-Originatorsid attribute and click on edit , paste the value which you copied from user forest objectsid as mentioned above and Click OK. Following screenshots may help you.

I have successfully updated msRTCSIP-Originatorsid value , apply and OK.

You need to make sure that following attributes are matching between user forest and resource forest user.

Lync 2013 resource forest deployment part 4 is available on following link ;

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    What if the password changes from one organization? How will that affect the client? Will the client not be able to login?

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