Lync 2013 pool failover when CMS is down

I have two standard edition pools, (SE1) and (SE2). My CMS is located in SE1.  These pools are backup registrar to each other. I have manually shutdown SE1 to create a DR scenario. I wanted to invoke a pool failover from SE1 to SE2. Following steps may be helpful for reference.

Run the following  command from SE2 Lync management shell  to find out the configuration store location ; Get-CsConfigurationStoreLocation

I have tried to invoke the failover using following command ; Invoke-CsPoolFailover-PoolFQDN -DisasterMode , but it will fail with following error as CMS is down.


 You will have to failover the CMS before pool failover. Run following command from PowerShell to invoke CMS failover from SE1 to SE2. Make sure that it is completed successfully.

Invoke-CsManagementServerFailover -BackupSqlServerFqdn - BackupSqlInstanceName "rtc" –Force

It will ask for confirmation, say Yes and finish the CMS failover.

 Try to find the replication status of CMS store by running following command and ensure that it is updated.  Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus –centralmanagementstorestatus

Also run the Get-CsConfigurationStoreLocation to confirm the location of CMS database.

 You must set the edge server next hope to before proceeding to next step. Run following command. Make sure that it is completed successfully.

Set-CsEdgeServer -Identity -Registrar

 Now you are ready to invoke the pool failover from SE1 to SE2. Run following command to complete the failover. It will ask for conformation and select yes and finish the steps.

 Invoke-CsPoolFailover -PoolFQDN -DisasterMode


 I have verified user’s home pool through Lync control panel from SE2. They are still part of SE1 pool.

 However I was able to sign in successfully in to Lync client. All the features were available as expected.


Comments (2)

  1. Thanks for the walkthrough Saleesh!

  2. Papa Sango says:

    Nice post, just a word to readers to avoid confusion with terminology "backup registrar"

    "…..pools are backup registrar to each other…."
    The word "backup registrar" was used in Lync 2010 as it could only provide registration and telephony at an event of pool fail-over

    In Lync 2013 due to Routing group, Fabric and Lazy write users could avail nearly all features so the name was changed from "backup registrar" to ‘Back-up Pool’

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