CMS database movement between Lync 2013 standard edition servers

I have two Lync 2013 standard edition servers deployed part of my topology. Each standard edition box is backup registrar to each other.  I wanted to move the CMS database from one server to another. I
have verified CMS database location by running get-csconfigurationstorelocation command from powershell. Following screenshot may help you;

We should install RTC database on the destination Lync server in which CMS database will be moved. I had to run following command to complete the installation. Install-csdatabase –centralmanagementdatabase – SQLserverfqdn ‘destination server FQDN’ –SQLinstanceName rtc –clean. I have successfully installed RTC database on the destination standard edition server. Following screenshot may help you;

When I tried to move the CMS database , it failed with below message. I should remove Lync standard edition server from backup registrar mode prior to the CMS database movement. Subsequently, changed the topology and removed the backup registrar configuration and published the topology. Verified CMS replication status and ensured that changes are in place.


Executed the move-csmanagementserver successfully and CMS database has been moved to second standard edition server.

 Verified AD pointer object  msRTCSIP-Backendserver  under ADSI edit > configuration partition > services > RTC service > Topology settings > GUID properties  and it has been replaced with new CMS database name. 

 I was able to see the same information through get-csconfigurationstorelocation command from powershell


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  1. clement says:

    For moving the CMS between 2 paired pool (Standard or Enterprise) you have to use the Invoke-CSManagementServerFailover cmdlet.
    In that way, no need to un-paired your servers pool.

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