Lync 2013 pool failover when CMS is down

I have two standard edition pools, (SE1) and (SE2). My CMS is located in SE1.  These pools are backup registrar to each other. I have manually shutdown SE1 to create a DR scenario. I wanted to invoke a pool failover from SE1 to SE2. Following steps may be helpful for reference. Run the…


Gmail to Office 365 exchange online migration using IMAP

Migrate email to Office 365:  This is a general landing page that lists all the ways to migrate email to Office 365. Migrate Gmail mailboxes to Office 365: I would like to share the steps to migrate a mailbox from Gmail or any other IMAP provider to Office 365 exchange online. Following steps…


OCS R2 Communicator web access (CWA) integration with Lync Server 2013

I would like share the steps to integrate Lync 2013 server with OCS – R2 Communicator web access server (CWA). My current deployment includes , OCS R2 CWA server and Lync 2013 standard edition. Please note , I don’t have any OCS frontend server/ pool or edge server deployed part  of the setup. I have…


Lync 2013 split-domain peer to peer VOIP call flow

I have been working on Lync 2013 split domain topology and thought of sharing  peer-peer VOIP call flow between an on-premise user and online user.  Let’s say , you have a Lync 2013 split domain topology. User-A is provisioned in on-premise Lync 2013 pool and user-B is part of office 365 Lync online. Please refer…


CMS database movement between Lync 2013 standard edition servers

I have two Lync 2013 standard edition servers deployed part of my topology. Each standard edition box is backup registrar to each other.  I wanted to move the CMS database from one server to another. Ihave verified CMS database location by running get-csconfigurationstorelocation command from powershell. Following screenshot may help you; We should install RTC…


Lync server 2013 simple central forest user provision through Linked mailboxes

I would like to share Lync user provisioning steps in central forest Lync topology without FIM. I have deployed a central forest Lync topology. Lync 2013 servers are hosted in ‘’ forest and wanted enable users from an additional forest called ‘’. 1. DNS Zone Replication Between Forests : Open DNS manager in ‘’ forest…


Lync 2013 unified contact store (UCS) troubleshooting tips

I would like to share few troubleshooting tips based on UCS deployment experiences. Assume that, you had successfully deployed Lync 2013 and exchange 2013 in the organization and enabled UCS. However, client contacts were still not migrated  to exchange server. Following steps may help to narrow down the issue; Is there any exchange connectivity errors on…


How to verify Lync 2013 unified contact store (UCS) is enabled from client side ?

There are multiple ways to verify if UCS is enabled for the users from client side. Following information may help you for reference. Option-1:  Through Lync client configuration Hold ‘control’ key on the keyboard and right click on the Lync icon available on windows task bar and select configuration information. Drag down and verify contact…


Lync 2013 paired standard edition pools – DNS SRV record requirements

I have deployed two Lync 2013 standard edition servers in a paired mode. Half of the Lync users are hosted in first standard edition pool called (pool1) and rest of them are hosted in second standard edition pool called (poo2). I am trying to understand the DNS SRV records requirements and client behaviors….