Lync server 2013 Preview – Major Server Features – Quick reference guide

I have only listed major features or architecture changes introduced on Lync server 2013 preview compared to Lync server 2010. Hope it would be helpful.  

  • Audio video conference server role is always collocated with frontend server. Monitoring archiving server roles can also be part of Lync frontend server.
  • New persistent group chat server roles have been introduced, which are chat server service, backend database and compliance service.
  • Persistent chat administration has been included on Lync 2013 preview control panel and PowerShell.
  • Lync server 2013 preview can be installed on windows server 2012 operating system. Standard, Enterprise and datacenter editions are supported.
  • Response group manager and persistent chat manager RBAC roles have been added to existing list.
  • SQL mirroring is supported between Lync 2013 preview backend databases and you can deploy two backend SQL databases for a frontend pool. Load failover is possible between same server roles with in a pool, it is applicable to frontend, edge,Mediation and director pools.
  • XMPP integration is inbuilt in to fronted and edge server roles, you can enable XMPP federation by turn on this feature.
  • Video conference gallery will show up to five active participants video and new codec H.264 video has been introduced on Lync 2013.
  • Inter trunk feature has been introduced, medication server can have multiple trunks to different PSTN gateway and gateway can have multiple trunks to different mediation servers.
  • Archival of polls and whiteboards shared on a meeting is now supported.
  • IPv6 128 bit addresses are now supported on Lync server 2013 preview.
  • Lync Archiving integration into the Exchange 2013 Preview Litigation Hold feature.

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