Office Web Apps Server – Benefits, Plan and Deployment

I recently did a deployment of the Office Web Apps Server with SharePoint 2013 and wanted to share the experience and provide a quick version of how to plan and deploy it. As a refresher, let me first give you a quick overview of what it is and and how you can benefit from it….


SharePoint administration roles and responsibilities

Here is an example in a graphical view to quickly get familiar with different SharePoint administration roles and level of responsibilities in a Farm hierarchy. Following table provides detailed information on each role. To learn more, click here. Level Role Responsibilities Server or Farm Level Farm admins Farm admins have full control of the farm,…

How to create a self-signed Wildcard SSL Certificate

Often times you need to run some SSL scenarios on a SharePoint site and getting a full CA SSL certificate may not be the quickest or economical option for a test environment. In my scenario, I needed to test several HNSC (Host Name Site Collections) in a single web application using the same domain name, such…