Flesch Reading Ease

  Thanks to an internal communiqué, I recently came across a Readability test of word documents. Surely made for some interesting reading. To Enable it, you need to enable readability statistics from the options.   Once done, on completing a spell check you will see the following:     The higher the score, the easier…


Patching Exchange 2010 Servers

  I Often get questions around how best to install Exchange updates or service packs. This Blog Post attempts to answer that Question. To start with, I recommend having a Patch management Policy. A Good Patch management policy document should have the following listed:   1. How often should the updates / service pack be…


Some Quick Leanings of Exchange 2013

  *Features ~95.5% reduction in IOPS Exchange 2013 is capable of being deployed in a multi-site worldwide architecture with a single namespace. ( using multiple technologies ) Auto re-seed to spare disk. ( but needs operational maturity )     *Good to know CAS is now a protocol proxy only. (2 layers V/S 5 layers)…


Executing Exchange PowerShell commands from a CMD Prompt

A Quick blog on how to execute an Exchange PowerShell script (.ps1 extension) from a command prompt. A .ps1 cannot be executed from a Command prompt. to execute it one needs to use a PowerShell shell. Further if this script calls any exchange cmdlet, it would require to be executed in an Exchange Management Shell….


A Quick Note on ADMT Versions & Pre-requisites.

ADMT At the time of writing this Blog; ADMT 3.1 – 32 Bit version. ( Will not install on Windows 2008R2 ) This installer has SQL 2005 Express Edition ( with necessary service pack integrated into the installer ) ADMT 3.2 – 64 Bit Version. ( The first & only version which will install on…


Moving to a new forest and retaining the same SMTP domain ( with native scripts ) – Part II

  3. Moving the Active Directory account using ADMT ADMT is a great tool for Migrating and Restructuring Active Directory Domains ( user accounts, passwords, groups & group membership, computer accounts & much more.) However It is very important to note that ADMT DOES NOT touch Exchange attributes. ADMT can be executed before prepare-move request,…