My first Panorama

Here is another reason I love the company I work for. On a recent trip to the remote northern border of our country, I decided tomake a panorama of a lake I saw. Quickly clicked several photos standing at the edge of the lake & when Igot back home, got down to ‘Stitching’ them. To…


Always SSL when using Hotmail

Many years back I setup ISA  Server ( V 2000 ) in proxy mode for a customer. Playing around with it I saw how easy it was to eavesdrop on any e-mail & IM traffic ( MSN & Yahoo ) leaving the corporate network via the ISA Proxy. Capturing the password might have been difficult,…


Sharing files with users on the internet using fuselabs

Given that everything is now moving to being cloud based, I tried using DriveSpace for sharing an excel file with a relative.Unfortunately I did not know her Live ID ( dint even know if she had one ) but went ahead and sent an invite to her gmail address ( that’s the one she uses…


Finding Commands On the Office 2007/2010 Ribbon.

  With Office 2007 & 2010 coming up with a Ribbon, Struggling to find where the command / feature you used in Office 2003 was, might not be uncommon. Having spend time ‘searching’ for the commands myself I understand the pain.   A nice tool from Microsoft Research came to the rescue. The Final version…


Solving The Family Tree Challenge With Visio

I love Microsoft products. Here is an example of why.  Working for Microsoft I get to play around with them for free. This Blog is an example of what I am talking about.   A couple of years back my mother started documenting our entire extended family. ( which is actually four different trees spanning…


Some more blogs….

When i Travel the Juices of thought flow. given that i have been Travelling this week after a long time, got many thoughts in my mind. so i am just completing a couple of blogs.