Architecting Virtual Workloads – Exchange 2010

Some months back I delivered a session on virtualizing exchange server for Microsoft Partners who in turn deploy exchange for their customers. I had forgotten about this until last week when a customer asked me for the slide deck.


Key Points for the Exchange Architect:


1. Virtualization is great technology but not ideal for all kinds of workload. Given your Exchange server topology needs along with the available  server hardware, think well if virtualization will really benefit you.


2. When virtualizing Exchange, Architects should be more concerned with the debate on Physical VS Virtual Rather then HYPER-V VS 3rd party Product.

So often I see this is not the case.


3. There are several features & options ( and more added with each new product release ) of each virtualization platform. Ensure you understand all relevant ones prior to deployment. Even a single in-correctly used feature can cause a huge performance impact thus leaving a negative perception to virtualization or chosen virtualization technology.

 I see such scenarios regularly when reviewing customers messaging environment.

 Here is the slide deck I used for that session.


- Sachin Filinto.

Architecting Virtual Workloads - Exchange 2010 - Sachin Filinto.pptx

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