My first Panorama

Here is another reason I love the company I work for.

On a recent trip to the remote northern border of our country, I decided to
make a panorama of a lake I saw.

Quickly clicked several photos standing at the edge of the lake & when I
got back home, got down to 'Stitching' them.

To deviate a bit: I knew of two challenges with a panorama. 1) Stitching the
photos 2) displaying it with the ability of zooming, panning & rotating. (
Of course if the final output is saved as a image point 2) is not relevant but
you will lose the ability to pan, zoom & rotate)


Given that I had never done this before I started looking around for a way to stich
the pictures.  After spending a fair amount of time looking for
appropriate software I was suggested a software from Microsoft which I did not
know could do this. ( Microsoft ICE )

After installing, usage was a breeze and I quickly created my first panorama saved as
a .jpg.

Next I tried a feature which allowed saving the panorama directly to Photosynth ( ).

Given that when I last tried out photo synthesis I was not pleased with the results. ( In hindsight I believe I was not using it correctly )

The results were amazing and although rough on the edges I had my first panorama. ( Remember I did not know what to look for when clicking the photos )


The software I just spoke about can be downloaded from below links.


Next stop. Creating more panoramas.

- Sachin Filinto

Edit : Found another way to view and share high-resolution imagery also from microsoft & using Windows Azure and Microsoft Silverlight.

Edit 2 : For the people who have asked, Yes thats Pangong Tso Lake which was featured in the movie 3 Idiots

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