Always SSL when using Hotmail

Many years back I setup ISA  Server ( V 2000 ) in proxy mode for a customer. Playing around with it I saw how easy it was to eavesdrop on any e-mail & IM traffic ( MSN & Yahoo ) leaving the corporate network via the ISA Proxy. Capturing the password might have been difficult, but there was virtually nothing preventing the Administrator from getting a record of all e-mail & IM traffic sent by their users.

This always Played on my mind as a result of which I am always very particular of what network I use to check my personal e-mail accounts ( Hotmail, Yahoo ) as well as to log in to Instant messengers. This becomes difficult when I travel ( been doing it a lot) especially when outside the country where my data card will not work.

Over the years I tried a couple of ways to trick my favourite e-mail provider to talk ‘SSL only’ to my browser. But besides the login page most other pages after authenticating go http.


Last week I found a nice feature in my Hotmail account setting. Which I turned on immediately.

Works like a charm. And now my mind is more at ease when checking Hotmail over un-trusted networks.

As a Downside, the Hotmail stopped working on my windows mobile 6.5 phone. ( but works on Windows Phone 7 )

Now I wish other free e-mail provides provide the same.

 - Sachin Filinto

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