Sharing files with users on the internet using fuselabs

Given that everything is now moving to being cloud based, I tried using DriveSpace for sharing an excel file with a relative.
Unfortunately I did not know her Live ID ( dint even know if she had one ) but went ahead and sent an invite to her gmail address ( that’s the one she uses ).
Ideally she would need to link her gmail ID to a windows live ID ( ) after which she would be able to access the file, but something went wrong and she was not able to get access.

Given that she was using Gmail, another way would have been for me to use a Gmail account for sharing the file over google docs. But i dont use Gmail.


Docs for Facebook from Fuselabs to the rescue ( ) with this I can now upload a document to fuselabs & give anybody with a facebook account ( and on my friend list ) access to it.

Yes I know I could use gmail docs for sharing the file, but choose not to for multiple reasons. 1) what if that person does not have a gmail account ? 2) google docs mess up office documents formatting 3) don’t quite like google’s reputation when it comes to privacy on the internet.

To try it out yourself at


- Sachin Filinto

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