New Calendar Publishing features of Exchange 2010.


You may
have heard of an Outlook feature to publish a calendar to the internet. ( link
available in the Further Reading Section )

works well, however there was a limitation. You need outlook to be opened
regularly to push the details onto the website + internet access.


I came across a nice calendar publishing features of Exchange Server 2010. This
feature will Publish the calendar from the CAS server itself, without involving
outlook in anyway. In fact you can even use OWA managing the publishing. The
Person downloading the published calendar gets the calendar updates


Oh ! This
feature is not turned on by default & requires a couple of steps to be done
on the server to get it running.

I could
not find any official documentation nor can I see it work on my account as MSIT
has not enabled this feature. I will document the steps required to enable this
feature & update this blog post sometime in the near future.







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