Windows Hot-fixes needed for Exchange 2010 Sp1

  I dint find this well documented anywhere hence I put together this Blog post on the required hotfixes for Exchange 2010 sp1 on Windows 2008 R2.   As you may already know a total of 6 Hotfixes are required.     Kb 979099 OR   Kb 979744   Kb 977020…


New Calendar Publishing features of Exchange 2010.

  You may have heard of an Outlook feature to publish a calendar to the internet. ( link available in the Further Reading Section ) This works well, however there was a limitation. You need outlook to be opened regularly to push the details onto the website + internet access.   Recently I came across…


Server Hardening

  Two incidents in a month prompted me to write this blog; Incidents where I spent so much time in troubleshooting why a certain product was not working the way it should. The culprit eventually turned out to be “Server hardening”.   Modern Operating systems like Windows 2008  have significantly tightened permissions throughout the system….