Prevent Reply-all without IRM


And then there was IRM which allowed an e-mail sender to restrict a recipient from reply-all  functionality.

Very Useful when sending an e-mail to a large amount of people.

(I will not  discuss pain points here. )

But how about preventing a reply-all without IRM ?

Oh yes its possible, and no this is not some new feature of outlook 2010. It existed even before IRM was on the scene.


First a brief line on forms...

In the outlook world, Every e-mail, calendar entry, contact, task, note is a form.

You can create your own form put icons on it, write code behind the icons to react to user actions.


When you send an e-mail you are using the IPM.Note form.

So the next time you want to prevent a reply-all how about just removing or disabling the code behind the reply-all ?

Now to prevent a reply all just remove the functionality behind the icon.


That is exactly what the procedure documented in the below link does.




Warning : this is not a true reply-all prevention solution. It just turns off the reply all icon in outlook. 

For more information on forms


Creating Custom Forms



I first Started writing this Blog on 22 May 2009 - Thanks to One note I have the date.

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