Using Mailmerge to send bulk customized e-mails.


Ever wanted to send an invite to a whole lot of people by e-mail & wanted it to look professional rather then sending a generic one to all users Bcc'ed ?


Here is a method to generate bulk personalized e-mails to  a set of uses ( from a list ) using the mail Merge Feature of Microsoft Word. ( Outlook used to send the e-mail )


  • Add the Recipients to your outlook contacts ( Highly recommended as this would simplify the steps later on -

If needed create a subfolder in the contacts folder. )


  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Select the "Mailing" tab from the ribbon.
  • Start mail merge > e-mail messages.

Here Type the body of your e-mail.


  • "Select recipients" > Select from outlook contacts
  • Preview the e-mail by selecting the "Preview Results"  Icon.
  • Click on Finish & merge
  • Click on Send e-mail Messages
  • Type the Subject of the e-mail
  • Click on Ok.



Further Options to customize the e-mail

  • You can Customize the  Greeting from the below menus

Greeting Line Or Insert Merge Field ( More Granular control )

e.g. Each e-mail could be customized with a Dear Mr. xyz ( Pulled from the contact information )



For more information : read the word help file. ( It has detailed instructions on all the options you see on the ribbon )

Lesson Learnt the Hard way:


Keep your machine Disconnected from the network ( or Keep outlook offline )


After the mails are generated, review them from the outlook outbox. If the e-mails are as expected, go ahead & make outlook online to have the e-mail sent.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow that's a very nice tip, thanks.

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