My First Blog On Technet.


Finally on TechNet & Here goes my first blog using OneNote. Although I am not new to blogging, I have a blog which is updated quite irregularly with random technical and non-technical stuff on msn.

So what took me so long to get on board ? Besides the laziness it was just the fact of having to maintain & update another front. I plan to keep updating this one at regular intervals.


Why do I use OneNote?

Top Reasons: Type anywhere in the document then randomly move it around &the nice look and feel of OneNote. Rest:  No need of saving half-written blogs- just close it, light on resources, etc, etc.

The configuration part can be a little pain though.

Okay I have not tried out other applications for blogging 🙂


If there is something I am most passionate about around what I do in my work is efficiency, utilizing potential capabilities, cutting the flab and simplification. What I utterly hate is Jargon, and having to re-invent the wheel when somebody has already broken his or her head over it.


Given the fact that applications, programs, platforms & tools we use today keep getting more complex, a statement I once read truly makes sense ‘we are born and brought up in a world of complexity.’


So the next few blogs I would be writing, would attempt to simplify and uncover some of the built-in features we could use on our computers.


Some ground rules I intend to follow:

  1. The topic will be well researched. I will double check, sometimes triple-check everything I write about.

  2. The information will be Practical & comprehendible by end-users / power users.

  3. IT slang will be avoided as much as possible. ( IT bad words as well-known doctor I once worked for said)



Disclaimer: All postings are provided AS IS with no warranties, and confer no rights. Additionally, views expressed herein are my own and not those of my employer, Microsoft.


Update: Spent a considerable amount of time trying to configure word / OneNote for blogging directly to TechNet. But it seems like its not possible. So here I had to do a copy-paste.

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