We have seen many cases where alerts have issue because server url changed after 2101 migration. This article will allows you fix the URLs sent by alerts after a site has changed URLs. Go to Copy the script and save it with “Invoke-AlertFixup.ps1” on your sharepoint server. · On the Start menu, click All…


Sharepoint versions explained

To specify the number of major versions of files that are stored, select the Keep the following number of major versions check box, and then type the number of major versions that you want to keep. To specify the number of major versions to keep the drafts for, select the Keep drafts for the following…


Database in single user mode

Some times on sql server our database goes to single user mode(upgrade failed) And when we tries to make its multi user will get error Alter database ntlm-2007-2010-one set multi_user But sometimes this will not help. Then you need first find what is your database id In this case it is 48 Then run  to…


"Email Users" action not working

  When your SharePoint website has many users and you try to email to them by using the "Email Users" action, you may be having some difficulties doing so. We get error “Could not perform this operation” Here is the details why it happens. -There is a limit of 2048 characters for URI in IE….


SharePoint incoming email stuck in drop folder

  There will be situation where we have lots on emails in drop folder and SharePoint timer job is not able to process them. There will be no error message but document libraries and list will not receive any incoming email. Drop folder will keep on growing until it reaches to quota limit. In timer…


Disabled accounts in AD show up in SharePoint as active profiles

  If the proper filter is not applied in import connections. It can lead to hundreds of unwanted / disabled profile in ssp database . Some times due to IT audits we want to get rid of those profiles from SharePoint database.   Here are the steps to clean out unwanted profiles from database. At…


Can’t sign up Employee Activity template

  Some times we have issue with Employee Activity template downloaded from When we sign up for 5th activity we get “No item exists at http://sitename/default.aspx . it may be deleted or renamed by another user” Some times it also happen at 9th item. Here is the solution Click on small arrow at right…