Working with Alerts

  In a situation where we have thousands of alerts waiting in event cache table for processing but due to some issue they are keep accommodating there. May be the property for job-immediate-alerts is set to “no” try running query select * from eventcache where EventData is not null and you will find thousand items…


Working with incoming email

  We can divide the whole topic in four steps . At first we will do changes in AD then SharePoint central admin then we will configure Doc library and finally if needed we will modify exchange server to do required routing   Step 1 – Setup AD On a Domain Controller Open Active Directory…


Getting error 0x80041054 when we access site.

  This issues happens when you install any antivirus and remove it in short time from  SharePoint . When you install antivirus it will scan files and then mark them if they have some issues . But after some time  it try to fix them but . If we remove the antivirus before that ….


How to find user who have not completed the survey in database.

  · At first find the content database where we have the survey list. · Then look for the survey name and copy the corresponding  tp_id · · Now run the query SELECT    * FROM         AllUserData WHERE     (tp_ListId = ‘eda75dbc-f91b-4a1f-a7a2-a9ef39d664ab’) · · It will give all the data is survey · Now look at the…