Remote Configuration failed on WSUS Server

I got these error messages in the WCM.log when I was trying to sync the Software Updates in SCCM:

     Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration. Error = 0x80131701
     Remote configuration failed on WSUS Server

I have the SUP role and WSUS installed on a remote site server, but the Primary server was unable to locate the WSUS database located on a remote SQL server.

     DB Server not detected for SUP ServerName from SCF File. skipping.


The fix:

Run this PowerShell command elevated on the Primary server and then restart the SMS_Executive service.

     Install-WindowsFeature -Name UpdateServices-ui

It installs the necessary WSUS files on the Primary server without installing the full WSUS console.


Comments (1)

  1. There are lot of reasons.. might be port issue, iis authentication both anonymous and Windows authentication enabled..some time Assign NETWORK SERVICE permissions on the Windows\Temp folder (List Folder/Read Data & Delete)

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