Reporting Services server instance is blank

You might be trying to install the Reporting Services Point on a SCCM site role server, and find that the Reporting Services server instance is blank.  It will not populate for you and there is nothing listed in the drop down list.   The fix is to install the role on the SQL server.


Remote Configuration failed on WSUS Server

I got these error messages in the WCM.log when I was trying to sync the Software Updates in SCCM:      Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration. Error = 0x80131701      Remote configuration failed on WSUS Server I have the SUP role and WSUS installed on a remote site server, but the Primary server was unable to locate the…


Remote Software Update Point fails to install

I was trying to install the Software Update Point site role on a remote computer, but it failed to install.  After reviewing the logs I saw this error message:   On the SUPSetup.log file located on the Software Update Point server E:\SMS\Logs:      CTool::RegisterManagedBinary: Failed to register E:\SMS\bin\x64\wsusmsp.dll with .Net Fx 2.0   The…