Reporting Services server instance is blank

You might be trying to install the Reporting Services Point on a SCCM site role server, and find that the Reporting Services server instance is blank.  It will not populate for you and there is nothing listed in the drop down list.   The fix is to install the role on the SQL server.


Remote Configuration failed on WSUS Server

I got these error messages in the WCM.log when I was trying to sync the Software Updates in SCCM:      Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration. Error = 0x80131701      Remote configuration failed on WSUS Server I have the SUP role and WSUS installed on a remote site server, but the Primary server was unable to locate the…


Remote Software Update Point fails to install

I was trying to install the Software Update Point site role on a remote computer, but it failed to install.  After reviewing the logs I saw this error message:   On the SUPSetup.log file located on the Software Update Point server E:\SMS\Logs:      CTool::RegisterManagedBinary: Failed to register E:\SMS\bin\x64\wsusmsp.dll with .Net Fx 2.0   The…


PowerShell Script to list WSUS Content Path

Here is a script I used to get the physical path of the WSUS content folder for the SUP servers. $ServerNames = @(“ServerSUP01″,”ServerSUP02”) ForEach ($Server in $ServerNames){ Invoke-Command -ComputerName $Server -Scriptblock { $ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME [VOID][Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.Web.Administration”) $ServerManager = New-Object Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager $Site = $ServerManager.Sites | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq ‘WSUS Administration’} $Path = $Site.Applications | Where-Object {$_.Path…


WSUS EULA IIS (Error 401.3)

My current customer has a few SCCM Primary servers with two SUP’s each.  The two SUP’s share a single SUSDB located on the SQL server, and also sharing a single WSUSContent folder located on SUP02. The SCCM clients that are reporting to the SUP01 server are failing to install patches that require a EULA.  Remember,…


PowerShell: Search multiple files for text string

My client had an issue where a script built years ago, deployed by SCCM, had changed the registry settings of IE on some computers.  However, the registry setting was causing new problems and the script needed to be removed from deployment.  The client didn’t know which script was causing the issue, so I used this PowerShell…


PowerShell to extract text from a string

I needed a quick and easy way to extract the GUID number from an event log description for a System Center Orchestrator RunBook I was creating for a customer.  $EventID = 'The following "GUID:1234-567-890" is causing problems.  Please fix' $Text = $EventID -split ' ' $GUID = $Text -like '"GUID:*"' -replace '"','' It's a quick…


WSUS Installation failed the update could not be found

I recently tried to install WSUS on a Server 2008 R2 box which was to be used for Configuration Manager 2012, but the installation failed with the message: The update could not be found.  The problem was that the server didn't have access to the Internet because it needed a proxy server configured in the Internet Options…


Sending with winhttp failed; 80072ee7

I was trying to deploy a Windows 7 image to a VM in my clients lab and came across these errors in the SMSTS.log file.  Sending with winhttp failed; 80072ee7 Failed to get information for MP: https:// Server.FQDN. 80072ee7 After reviewing the log file and doing research on the errors, it was determined the error code 80072ee7…


SCCM Report for Windows 7 Deployment

I built this SCCM 2007 report for our daily Windows 7 deployment progress.  It shows a simple count of both Windows XP and 7, Advertisement Name, Distribution State, Count of clients in each state.  Further down in the report it shows computer name, model, OS, User Name, Last Boot Time, Last Status Message Name and time.  It…