WCF is not activated when installing Application Catalog Web Service Point

 I’ve seen a few customers come across the following issue when installing the Application Catalog Web Service Point role.


When trying to access the CMApplicationCatalog website, you'll see the following:


Cannot connect to the application server.

The website cannot communicate with the server. This might be temporary problem. Try again later to see if the problem has been corrected.If the problem continues, contact your help desk.




You’ll see the following errors in system status:
Message ID: 1016 
Site Component Manager failed to install this component on this site system

Message ID: 4971
Site Component Manager failed to install component SMS_AWEBSVC_CONTROL_MANAGER on server SiteServer.domain.com.    The WCF is not activated.  Solution: Make sure WCF is activated.

SMSAWEBSVCSetup.log will show:
WCF is not activated
Installation Failed. Error Code: 123

The error is due to a missing prerequisite.

They are documented here:
Supported Configurations for Configuration Manager

On the above document, you’ll find that the Application Catalog web service point role requires the following:


  • .NET Framework 3.5
    • HTTP Activation (and automatically selected options)
  • .NET Framework 4.5
    • ASP.NET 4.5

IIS Configuration:

  • Common HTTP Features:
    • Default Document
  • IIS 6 Management Compatibility:
    • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
  • Application Development:
    • ASP.NET 3.5 (and automatically selected options)
    • .NET Extensibility 3.5

*Note that there are slight differences for pre-2012 site servers as noted here.

Once you have the appropriate components installed in add roles and features, the role will install fine.

If you are installing the role on the same site server, you might need to reinstall the Application Catalog Website Point role after correcting your App Catalog Web Service Point.

Hope this helps!

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  2. Nico B. says:

    Great post. Works like a charm! Too bad the initial setup of SCCM or the prerequisites checker didn’t give an error or warning or enabled it during setup. Your post is a big time-saver for me. Thanks!

  3. SparkyGLL says:

    Thank you very much, I was about to drop everything after searching for this for about half a day.
    All I found was that my WCF was faulty and nothing more.
    Big thanks to you, my project may now resume 😀

  4. Evgeniy says:

    I forgot to add this role – .NET Framework 3.5 –> HTTP Activation (and automatically selected options). Now works, Thank you!

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