Have you looked at Office 2010 yet?

I’ve been putting it off, but I finally had time to install Office 2010.  Now I did spend a little time with it when I was experimenting with App-V, but I just rebuilt my Tablet-PC and thought I’d go with Office 2010 Beta.  I really like it.  Of course I’m biased, but Outlook 2010 has the one feature I’ve long for for a long time.  The Zoom control!  Check out the lower left corner of outlook, it contains the zoom control just like Excel 2007.  Here’s a shot of the zoom control in Outlook 2010.  As I’ve aged, I’ve found that I enjoy the bigger text on my screen, so this zoom control has made a big difference! 


Don’t worry, there’s more cool stuff in Outlook 2010.  I’ll talk about some of the thread clean up controls soon.

Until next time!



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