CPAO: Using Colors for Categories and Private Items

  It seems that one of the “holy grails” for the Calendar Printing Assistant is to be able to colorize entire appointments with the category colors for those appointments. There is a way to signify the category with CPAO – which is the colored dot that I have used / showed in previous posts. However…


CPAO: Editing A Weekly Template

  I wanted to put a Weekly CPAO template example up – so here it is. I will start out with the Weekly List 01 Letter Template, and do some modifications to it. I will not cover the entire template – just changes that I make in it to show how it can be modified….


CPAO: Editing a Daily Template – Part 2

  In the previous section showing a 3×5 daily calendar printout using CPAO, I did not include a timeline. In this final example for a daily template I will show what that looks like:     So the big difference here is the timeline for the day on the left side of the view. The…


CPAO: Editing a Daily Template – Part 1

  I have had several customers request a Daily Template that fits data on a 3×5 index card sized printout. I have done a few different iterations of this layout to customize things for each particular customer – but I wanted to give an example of this since it seems to be a popular request….


CPAO: Entire Notes for Monthly Template in PDF format

After making all these posts on editing CPAO – I can see that it will be nice to have them all together in one paper that can be used for reference. I have uploaded a PDF that has all the CPAO template editing posts in them. Hopefully this will be a help for anyone who needs…


CPAO: Listing of the Standard Month Legal Template

  Here is the entire listing of the code from the Standard Month Legal template I created. First – here is the contents of the Metadata.xml file:   <Metadata xmlns=”” Version=”1.0.0″> <Name>Standard Month Legal</Name> <TimeUnit>Month</TimeUnit> <PageSizeSelectionIndex>Legal</PageSizeSelectionIndex> <PageHeight>14in</PageHeight> <PageWidth>8.5in</PageWidth> <PageOrientationSelectionIndex>Portrait</PageOrientationSelectionIndex> <PageRow>1</PageRow> <PageColumn>1</PageColumn> <Thumbnail>DefaultPreview.gif</Thumbnail> <Tasks>true</Tasks> <Appointments>true</Appointments> <SideBySide>false</SideBySide> <PageCount>1</PageCount>                 <TemplateId>135</TemplateId> <CompanyId>1</CompanyId> </Metadata>   And then here is the…


CPAO: Editing the Metadata.xml File

  So far everything has been edited in the Content.xml file (located in the \Cal directory after renaming/unzipping the CATX file – see the section on Opening and Saving Template Files) . That is the main file for doing the formatting of a particular template.   The Metadata.xml is good for doing a couple main…


CPAO: Editing the Footer of a Template

  Now on to the formatting the footer area of the page. Here is a screenshot and the code:           <!– Standard Footer –>       <Grid Row=”4″ Column=”1″ VerticalAlignment=”Top” Margin=”0,4,0,0″             RowSetting=”Auto” ColumnSetting=”*,*,*”>         <CalendarText Row=”0″ Column=”0″ Date=”#[Now]”                       Text=”#[@TemplateDocInfo_PrintTime]”                       HorizontalAlignment=”Left” FontSize=”7pt”/>         <CalendarText Row=”0″ Column=”1″ Text=”#[@TemplateDocInfo_Page]”                       HorizontalAlignment=”Center” FontSize=”7pt”/>         <CalendarText…


CPAO: Editing the Calendar Grid (Part 2)

  This section moves into the Day Format area:           <DayFormat>           <Grid RowSetting=”*” ColumnSetting=”*” Height=”Auto”                 Style=”LevelLeafParent”>             <CalendarText Row=”0″ Column=”0″ FontSize=”46pt” FontWeight=”Bold”                           Text=”#[%d]” FontFamily=”style!FontMajor”>               <Foreground>                 <SolidColorBrush Color=”style!mainDark1″ Tint=”.7″/>               </Foreground>               <ConditionalFormat Condition=”DayOfWeek eq ‘sun'”>                 <Foreground>                   <SolidColorBrush Color=”style!WeekendColor” Tint=”.7″/>                 </Foreground>               </ConditionalFormat>               <ConditionalFormat Condition=”DayOfWeek eq…


CPAO: Editing the Calendar Grid (Part 1)

    And now to editing what is seen in the calendar. I am still using the “Standard Month 01 Letter” template as the base for showing some options here. So here is the code that describes the layout of the appointments and the grid:         <!–MonthDayCalendar Sizer–>       <MonthDayCalendar Row=”3″ Column=”1″>         <MonthFormat>…