Calendar Checking Tool – CalCheck.exe

I just finished up a new project I've been working on. It is a MAPI / Outlook / Exchange Calendar Checking Tool.

It is available on Codeplex  -

This is a command line tool - here is the help for it:

CalCheck version 1.0
Checks Outlook calendars and items, and reports problems.

   CalCheck [-P <profilename>] [-M <mailboxname>] [-S <servername>] [-A]
   CalCheck -?

   -P   Profile name (if absent, will prompt for profile)
   -M   Mailbox DN (if specified, only process the mailbox specified)
   -S   Server name (process entire server unless mailbox is specified)
   -A   All calendar items output to CALCHECK.CSV
   -V   Verbose output to the command window
   -?   Print this message

There will always be a resulting CalCheck.log that shows any potential items to
fix or remove, as well as processing information.

   Default - Prompt for a profile, and process the mailbox in that profile
   Process all mailboxes on MyServer
      CalCheck -S MyServer
   Process all mailboxes on MyServer, using MyProfile as the logon profile
      CalCheck -P MyProfile -S MyServer
   Process just the mailbox in MyProfile
      CalCheck -P MyProfile
   Process the specified mailbox, using MyProfile as the logon profile
      CalCheck -P MyProfile -M "/o=org/ou=orgunit/cn=Recipients/cn=name"
   Process the specified mailbox which is located on MyServer
      CalCheck -S MyServer -M "/o=org/ou=orgunit/cn=Recipients/cn=name"
   Print this message
      CalCheck -?

It does need another CodePlex tool - MrMAPI.exe to be placed in the same directory with CalCheck.exe. CalCheck uses MrMAPI to parse appointment recurrence data, which CalCheck then uses and outputs to the log file and to the CSV if the CSV option is selected.

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  1. Amy says:

    I have a question about a blog post you made last July 30 about using colors for categories.  Can this be done in a Monthly template – Standard Month 02?  I can't seem to find the lines you reference in the Monthly Content xml.



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