CPAO: Entire Notes for Monthly Template in PDF format

After making all these posts on editing CPAO - I can see that it will be nice to have them all together in one paper that can be used for reference. I have uploaded a PDF that has all the CPAO template editing posts in them. Hopefully this will be a help for anyone who needs to edit these templates to fulfill a printing need for Outlook calendars.


CPAO Notes.pdf

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  1. rtopken says:

    Yes – but CPAO will not color the entire appointment – it will put colored dots on the appointment. Please see the post for editing the calendar grid – part 2:…/cpao-editing-the-calendar-grid-part-2.aspx

    There is a way to make the appointment be colored with the Category color using CPAO – but it is very limited and difficult to maintain. I will cover that in a future post.

  2. carolyn Vaneman says:

    Thanks for this document, is there a way to make the calendar print the category colors selected in the outlook calendar?

  3. DJSmid says:

    QUOTE …It is generally best to move the number to the lower left or right, and not the top left or right, as the all day events will then be dropped down a line, and so less space is useable in each day in the grid.

    I have to move the number to Top Right, but the All Day events do not drop down a line. They just cover up the number, what am I doing wrong? I am editing the Standard Month 01 Letter, Landscape of it makes a difference. I have followed your code, but I am missing something.


  4. mike says:

    I know this is an old post but I'll ask and hope I get a reply.  I have altered a template to suit our needs.  We have 11 calendars on the left side with a week of events on the top.  Sun thru Sat.  Is there a way to make it a Multiweek(2) week calendar on one page so it goes sun – Sat(1st – 14th) or any two week period?

  5. David says:


    GREAT set of posts!  BUT, I desperately need to include the DETAILS of an appointmnet in a monthly calendar printout ie what you enter in the details (body) of an appointment you create.

    Any idea which ContentElement source I need to include to grab this info?

    many thanks,


  6. Tracy says:

    I agree with David. I have seen this before where the details of an appointment are included in a monthly calendar printout. Now I cannot seem to make that happen and I do not know why?

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