Cluster service fails to start on Windows Server 2008 SP2, cluster.log contains “Too many failures while attempting to start RHS process.”

It’s been a while since my last post – not due to the dearth of interesting issues to blog about, rather, there have been TOO many issues, interesting and otherwise. Too many issues == too much work! Nonetheless, this particular issue was interesting enough to make me take some time out, despite my busy schedule,…

Playing around with the RootMSCluster WMI Namespace and WMI Notifications

MSCS and Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008/R2 respectively maintain their own WMI namespace called, unsurprisingly “MSCluster”. This namespace contains classes – for nodes, networks, resources and so on – which in turn have instances. These instances store information about the object they represent and the current state of these objects….