Certain icons do not appear the first time you open Control Panel on Windows 7

I was over at the NTDebugging blog the other day and while browsing through the posts, I came across this one, written quite brilliantly by Matt Burrough Control Panel Policy and the Missing Icon http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ntdebugging/archive/2011/04/22/control-panel-policy-and-the-missing-icon.aspx After reading a few lines, I realized why this post had piqued my interest. A colleague of mine was working…

How to install a font from the command line on Windows 7

With the new Rupee symbol out, we’ve been getting a lot of queries about how to deploy a new font to Microsoft’s latest client OS, Windows 7. If there are a handful of computers you want to install the font on, here’s what you do: Walk over to the computer and log in as administrator….