"Access is denied" when you attempt to start the Base Filtering Engine service, after upgrading from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2

Here’s an issue that appears deceptively simple. After upgrading a Windows Server 2003 based system to Windows Server 2008 R2, ping and RDP are not working. On checking, the Windows Firewall service hasn’t been started because the service on which it is dependent, the Base Filtering Engine service, has not started. The Base Filtering Engine service fails to…


The Cluster Service service terminated with service-specific error 183 (0xB7)

I worked on an issue recently where the cluster service was stopped on both nodes of a Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster. If you attempt to start the Cluster service, it would terminate and log this error in the System Event Log: Log Name:      System Source:        Service Control Manager Date:          8/26/2010 3:52:50 PM Event ID:     …


How to install a font from the command line on Windows 7

With the new Rupee symbol out, we’ve been getting a lot of queries about how to deploy a new font to Microsoft’s latest client OS, Windows 7. If there are a handful of computers you want to install the font on, here’s what you do: Walk over to the computer and log in as administrator….


Just enough BGP to get your Azure dual-redundancy, active-active VPN gateways up and running

I’d last dabbled in Azure Site to Site (S2S) VPN or Virtual Network Gateways when the configuration was straightforward, but the feature-set was lacking. Given an opportunity to get back into configuring VPN Gateways recently, I dove straight in. With new features like support for BGP and full-mesh high-availability connectivity, the humble Azure Virtual Network…


How to hot-add a Shared VHDX

Shared VHDX, a new feature in Windows Server 2012 R2, is a boon for administrators wanting to create a Failover Cluster running in Hyper-V virtual machines. Create a VHDX, attach it to the SCSI Controller of a virtual machine, tick "Enable virtual hard disk sharing" under Advanced Features of the Hard Drive (Click the little '+' to…


Error when you access the “Storage Reports Management” section of FSRM on Windows Server 2003 R2 with Service Pack 2

Some of the previous issues I’ve blogged about require hours upon hours of research to determine the cause of the issue and to fix it. This issue, however, isn’t one of them. All it took to fix the issue here was a good understanding of the Windows Platform and a little intuition. First, I’ll state…


My First (Useful) PowerShell Script!

Heard of PowerShell? No? Just Kidding! Even if you run your IT department under a rock or on Mars, you’ve heard of PowerShell – It’s that ubiquitous! I’ve always been interested in picking it up as a skill, it is an extremely useful skill to have, however, I’ve never had the time and when I’ve…


PowerShell script to determine if an IP Range is part of the Azure Datacenter IP Range

Microsoft publishes an XML document that contains the IP address ranges (including Compute, SQL and Storage ranges) used in the Microsoft Azure Datacenters. An updated file is posted weekly which reflects the currently deployed ranges and any upcoming changes to the IP ranges. Working with Virtual Network Service Endpoints, I found that enabling the Microsoft.SQL…