Cluster service fails to start on Windows Server 2008 SP2, cluster.log contains “Too many failures while attempting to start RHS process.”

It’s been a while since my last post – not due to the dearth of interesting issues to blog about, rather, there have been TOO many issues, interesting and otherwise. Too many issues == too much work! Nonetheless, this particular issue was interesting enough to make me take some time out, despite my busy schedule,…


Certain icons do not appear the first time you open Control Panel on Windows 7

I was over at the NTDebugging blog the other day and while browsing through the posts, I came across this one, written quite brilliantly by Matt Burrough Control Panel Policy and the Missing Icon After reading a few lines, I realized why this post had piqued my interest. A colleague of mine was working…


How to run a script when a Resource Group fails over to the passive node of a Windows Server 2003 based MSCS Cluster

Having recently scripted the Cluster WMI Namespace (for fun) and blogged about it with my Cluster WMI Notifications post, I saw an opportunity to put that experience into practice here. We had a 2 node Active-Passive MSCS Cluster and the requirement was to run a custom script that did some work when a Resource Group…


Playing around with the RootMSCluster WMI Namespace and WMI Notifications

MSCS and Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008/R2 respectively maintain their own WMI namespace called, unsurprisingly “MSCluster”. This namespace contains classes – for nodes, networks, resources and so on – which in turn have instances. These instances store information about the object they represent and the current state of these objects….


Error when you access the “Storage Reports Management” section of FSRM on Windows Server 2003 R2 with Service Pack 2

Some of the previous issues I’ve blogged about require hours upon hours of research to determine the cause of the issue and to fix it. This issue, however, isn’t one of them. All it took to fix the issue here was a good understanding of the Windows Platform and a little intuition. First, I’ll state…