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I’m Richard, a Support Engineer here at Microsoft with the Platforms Core team. We’re the guys that you’ll speak to when you call Microsoft for assistance with unexpected system reboots, server performance issues, problems deploying server and client versions of Windows, Hyper-V issues and Failover Clustering. Additionally instances where Windows exhibits inexplicable behavior, such as an application not running when you click on it, files being deleted automatically and a whole host of other issues which don’t fall under the scope of support teams for Directory Services(Active Directory), Exchange Server and SQL Server, among others.

I intend to share my experiences, as a Microsoft Support Engineer, working on issues ranging from simple configuration errors, all the way up to issues that we’ve involved multiple people on, and took several days to resolve. My reason for doing this is if you ever run into the same issue, you’re only a web search away from resolving it. Also, every now and then, I’ll post content that you can use to enhance your skill set.

You can also read up on common issues and other interesting technical tidbits at our team blog,

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